Working together.

Expert analytics, industry vertical expertise, innovative Bayesian modeling techniques and intuitive software tools, to help you improve performance and optimize your marketing spend. 

Our MMM engagements start with a comprehensive assessment of the explicit goals against which your marketing investments must deliver. 

Whether you are a mature market leader with many brands in multiple categories or an emerging disrupter brand aiming to build awareness and grow market share, we start by understanding the unique challenges you face as you make choices for marketing channel spend. 

Data Maturity: We work with you to assess your team’s data maturity, the degree to which you can access your historical investment and sales data, and where you need us to augment data visibility through our partnerships and accreditations with other data sources.

Data Ingestion and Modeling: We support your team through the often-challenging data ingestion process to ensure once we are ready to run the algorithm, you get the optimal baseline for media planning. We help you gather and combine hundreds of data elements needed to deliver the highly robust reach and frequency curves that reveal thresholds for optimal spend, across your entire media plan. The results provide specific and distinct metrics for any given media channel, even in unique geographies, and the returns they contribute in relation to each other.    

Data Accessibility and Speed to Information: The old way of providing MMM meant that providers would provide the results in a static one-time report.  Any subsequent questions that would emerge for marketing stakeholders meant another hefty bill for another run of the model.    

At in4mation insights, we have built a new way to leverage the power or MMM, putting your marketing stakeholders in the driver’s seat over the life of campaigns, with our optimization software tool, Optimetry®.   

Optimetry’s® full accessibility to the underlying data in your model enables your teams to conduct queries dynamically, with “what if” scenarios for different adjustments across channel spend, responding to shifts in the market. To learn more about Optimetry, click here

Training and ongoing support: We work with your internal teams as they use Optimetry® for scenario planning and adjustment of spend to achieve the best return.    

Additional services include:  

    • Training teams who are engaged with in-housing marketing measurement and optimization   
    • “Do it with you” ingestion of new data sources as they become available after the initial model is run.   
    • New employee onboarding and training for the Optimetry™ platform.