An “always on” SaaS mix optimization tool that puts your internal media experts in the driver’s seat, for dynamic “what if” scenario planning and spend adjustments over the life of your campaigns.


Your ability to measure, optimize, and act to improve your marketing performance should be as flexible and responsive to change as you are.

Optimetry quickly unlocks insights that can guide your marketing investment decisions dynamically with ease, speed, and granularity of detail.

Optimetry’s intuitive interface puts scenario planning in the hands those best qualified to act on it: you and your own media experts.

Key Features

      • Run queries to simulate, optimize and work backwards from a revenue growth target to determine your optimal marketing mix, even as market conditions or your senior leadership’s priorities change.
      • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and full accessibility to your underlying model data enables unprecedented speed to information for decision support, at highly granular levels of detail.
      • Generate thousands of reach and frequency curves revealing precise levels of investment needed across all your selected channels, to help achieve saturation but avoid overspending and diminishing returns. 

If your current MMM scenario planning tools are falling short for marketing performance measurement and optimization, contact us for a demo to see the power of Optimetry “live”!