Measure • Simulate • Optimize • Grow 

Marketing Performance Measurement and Optimization that Delivers Better Business Results

Never has it been so important to ensure that your marketing spend contributes efficiently and effectively to grow your company’s revenue and profitability.   

In the cookieless future, multi-touch attribution (MTA) is fading as the formula for identifying what drives consumers to action. Concurrently the explosion of marketing and media channels has created a complex landscape of investment options, and the factors that challenge your business performance are changing with lightning speed.     

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) has re-emerged as the gold standard for measurement, decision support and planning to make sense of the multilayered, interdependent options from which you must assemble your marketing strategy and choose your marketing investments.    

The best MMM solutions move beyond static models, providing you with comprehensive, dynamic, “always-on” scenario evaluation and planning to drive your decisions over the life of your campaigns.    

Enter in4mation insights:  robust MMM engagements driven by Bayesian analytics, and the industry’s most innovative marketing optimization and scenario planning software:  Optimetry®.    

Optimetry® is an “always on” SaaS mix optimization tool that puts your internal media experts in the driver’s seat, for dynamic “what if” scenario planning and spend adjustments over the life of your campaigns. 

    • Run queries to simulate, optimize and work backwards from a revenue growth target to determine your optimal marketing mix, even as market conditions or your senior leadership’s priorities change.  
    • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and full accessibility to your underlying model data enables unprecedented speed to information for decision support, at highly granular levels of detail.  
    • Generate thousands of reach and frequency curves revealing precise levels of investment needed across all your selected channels, to help achieve saturation but avoid overspending and diminishing returns.