Working together.

Providing impact for our clients' bottom line and influencing the way decisions are made are our most fundamental objectives.

Strategy & Design

Strategy & Design helps you determine how analysis serves your wider organization.


Business Impacting Solutions

Building Business-Impacting Solutions has been an in4mation Insights specialization for over a decade.


Who We Serve

We Serve both medium and large B2B/B2C companies based in the US and around the world in most industry verticals.


In every analytics engagement with clients, we follow a simple but rigorous process.

  1. DESCRIBE: We collect, clean, & curate data from multiple sources to create an integrated granular view of the drivers of business performance​.

  2. MEASURE: Our Bayesian modeling facilitates robust estimation of single equations to multi equation systems; from single choices to multiple choices; from price & promotion to traditional & online advertising.

  3. FORECAST: We predict the future. From small counts of sales to hundreds of correlated outcomes, from forecasts just a few days ahead to years into the future, we help you plan the strategic path to growth.

  4. OPTIMIZE: Our rigorous mathematical optimization allocates spending in marketing and media in the most efficient and effective way. Adding business rules as constraints ensures results deliver value in the real world.

  5. RECOMMEND: Leveraging the actionable insights we uncover, we create a road map based on data to guide business decisions that will drive greater sales growth and profitability for your company.