Working together.

Providing impact for our clients' bottom line and influencing the way decisions are made are our most fundamental objectives.

To achieve these objectives we embrace three critical principles in our working relationships:

  1. Deliver our best-in-class insights in clear, concise forms of communication to recommend business actions.

  2. Provide analytic tools and ways-of-working to simplify complex information or analysis so that it can be used by every-day decision makers either in modern, user-specific micro-solutions, or everyday client preferred environments (E.g. Excel, Tableau).

  3. Build strongtrust-based relationships founded upon reliable, insightful delivery and a service-oriented attitude to achieve your specific business needs.

Aspirational Analytics requires more than singular solutions… Data, Analysis and clear, insightful Delivery must be founded upon solid IT, organization, and partnerships. We call these elements Analytic Infrastructure.

We work with you and your teams to build repeatable, deep, cost-effective Analytic Infrastructure through three fundamental services:

Strategy & Design

Strategy & Design helps you determine how analysis serves your wider organization.


Business Impacting Solutions

Building Business-Impacting Solutions has been an in4mation Insights specialization for over a decade.



Partnerships are essential today as one organization can no longer remotely harness all the IP required to build cutting edge uses of the widening river of data and analytic techniques.