The solution to modern business challenges.

The vision for in4mation insights has always been to develop pioneering solutions and predictive analytic tools that transform business decision-making — using a rigorous commitment to inquiry, innovation, integrity, and impact.

Founded in 2007, we are world-class experts in advanced analytics using multi-level hierarchical Bayesian models to analyze both simple and complex datasets. These tools have many features which deliver deeper insights than standard statistical methods or even computationally demanding machine learning approaches.

By building our own analytic software, based on multi-level, hierarchical Bayesian statistical methods, we can scale our analyses to provide deep inferences about individual and aggregate behaviors, and, at the same time, deliver very good predictions of future events or the implications of policy and spending changes.

The company’s mission is to apply state-of-the-art analytic and research methods, along with strong consultation skills, to the solution of modern business challenges. We are proud of our inventiveness, our experienced staff, and our links to academia. With our authentic collaborative culture, we challenge each other to deliver impeccable client service and timely, actionable, granular guidance that drives real business growth.