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Marketing Growth Analytics (MGA) & Marketing Mix Modeling

What to Watch Out for in Digital and Paid Social Media

In this white paper, we share the things to consider when investing in paid social and digital media including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Download the paper to learn the most effective ways to achieve optimal ROAS and drive strategic growth while increasing investment in digital and paid social in your marketing mix.

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How Marketing Growth Analytics Can Drive Your Most Strategic Objectives

Marketing Growth Analytics (MGA) is the use of models and optimization to achieve growth targets.

To achieve its goals, MGA must: cover all media and promotion levers, take account of the operational factors that drive the baseline forward, and move at the speed that strategy develops.

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Five Essential Ingredients in a Marketing Mix Playbook That Drive Growth

When you are looking for the media mix modeling partner for your restaurant brand, there are several key ingredients that will ensure you achieve successful ROAS and ROMI.

This short recipe outlines the things to look for in a media mix that can drive guests to your brand and keep them coming back to the table.

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How to Measure Restaurant Media Performance

In early 2021, our co-founder, Mark Garratt, and Naveen Vijayaraghavan, Sr. Director, Head of Marketing Insights and Analytics at Chipotle Mexican Grill, presented a webinar for the National Restaurant Association on the Key Metrics of Restaurant Media Performance.

Watch the recording to learn how to develop KPIs across your media plan that help maximize your marketing growth goals.

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Revenue Growth Management (RGM) / Pricing


An overview of in4mation insights approach to Pricing and RGM including understanding the sources of consumer demand, optimizing the volume/profit mix and systems that can embed analytics in business decisions.

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