We succeed when your marketing delivers results that grow your business 

Our proudest moments are when our clients succeed. Here are examples of the problems we solve for clients and the results that contribute to their business objectives.

Equivalized Media ROAS for Existing vs New Customers

Leveraging transactional data to identify the optimal media vehicles for existing and new customers.

TV Partner Model Activation

Measuring granular TV media results to gain a tactical advantage in the market

Digital, Social and Search Media Partner Model Activation

MMM Evolved for Tactical Advantage in a Digitally Fragmented World

Actionable Insights for Quick Service Restaurants

Understanding how marketing investments impact menu item sales for each delivery channel.

Building a Behavioral Variable in Response to COVID Patterns

Accounting for neighborhood differences in return-to-work patterns using mobility data

Comparing ROI Across Geographic Markets

Adjusting for population and store distributions to facilitate geographic comparisons of ROI

Impact of Brand-Specific Media on CPG Multi-Brand Assortment Packs

Measuring the halo effect of individual brand media to determine the need for assortment specific ad spend.