The solution to modern business challenges.

in4mation insights, with staff located outside Boston, in Chicago, in New York City, and New Jersey, was founded in 2007 by Mark Garratt and Steve Cohen. The company’s vision is to apply state-of-the-art analytic and research methods, along with strong consultation skills, to the solution of modern business challenges.

in4mation insights offers to help you by serving as:

An Architect & Thought Partner

  • We help define your Analytics Strategy
  • We can help you attain support needed to develop it
  • We can introduce you to innovators in analytics (e.g. shark tank, new techniques &
    tools) tools and techniques targeted to your needs

A Solutions Provider

  • We build state-of-the-art analytic solutions with the highest level of rigor, and with the end user always as the focal point
  • We aid you in finding best partners to do the things that we do not do

A Partner in Execution

  • We can provide experience, resources, and ongoing support to ensure effective implementation of strategy and solutions
  • We can help you identify the talents and skills needed for your organization
  • We can provide temporary or full-time staff to augment your needs