Use Case

Existing vs New Customers

Leveraging transactional data to identify the optimal media vehicles for existing and new customers.

Use Case: Equivalized Media ROAS for Existing vs New Customers

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The Problem

A leading Fast-Casual chain was experiencing slowing new customer acquisitions.

The Solution

Using credit card transactions, we analyzed ROAS for new vs existing customers by major media vehicle.

Results & Key Learnings

We identified key media vehicles that were either over or under-performing in terms of ROAS.

Developed an over/under ROAs index (vs an average benchmark) by media vehicle for new and existing customers.
We found that Twitter and OOH worked harder for existing customers, while streaming TV, audio streaming, OLV and Linear TV were the key over-performers for new customers.
Recommended to the client a potential shift to spend more on the over-performing vehicles to help reverse the trend for new customer acquisition.

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