Use Case

Actionable Insights for Quick Service Restaurants

Understanding how marketing investments impact menu item sales for each delivery channel.

Use Case: Actionable Insights for Quick Service Restaurants

The Problem

A leading fast food restaurant chain was looking to dive deeper into their marketing mix analyses and understand the impact their marketing investments had in driving menu item sales in their store order channels (e.g., counter, drive-thru, delivery) down to the location level.

The Solution

By utilizing a proprietary i4i model algorithm that incorporated Bayesian Hierarchical estimation methods, we enabled estimation down at the unit volume for key menu item groups.

The response of each menu item (e.g., beverages, salads, sandwiches, etc). was measured for all key media drivers by store order channels.

Results & Key Learnings

Insights were delivered at both the national and DMA (market) level of media’s effect on driving menu item sales for each of the client’s delivery channels.  A scorecard was developed for each menu item which reported the impact from their traditional, online, and emerging media investments.

The results provided the client with a tactical plan which complemented the strategic roadmap from their marketing mix.
Our approach identified social media as the most effective media channel to increase sales of breakfast sandwiches at the counter in a specific DMA.
Conversely, we were able to also determine that to improve drive-thru beverage sales in that same DMA, TV advertising delivered the best response.

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