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Webinar: Modernize Your Marketing Analytics Approach | November 15, 2023

Apply Three Best Practices To Deal With the Growing Complexity of Media

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The evolution in the marketing ecosystem, drastic consumer behavior changes, and the overabundance of data mean that Marketing Leaders must rethink their marketing analytics strategy. Marketing Mix Models (MMM) provide insights into marketing’s incremental contribution to business growth, helping leaders create data-driven, forward-looking optimized marketing budgets. But typical MMM methods are having trouble keeping up with the rapid growth in the number of media channels, the complexities that exist within each one, and the potential synergies and duplication between them. Marketers must upgrade their measurement approaches to account for the surge in interactions among consumers, data, and technology. Doing so will guarantee that marketing leaders feel more confident in understanding marketing performance and creating marketing plans that will optimize business growth.

In this webinar, hosted by Mark Garratt and John Nicholson, (both of in4mation insights) with featured guest, Tina Moffett (Forrester) will reveal how new developments in uncovering the drivers of performance using MMM and in using the newest software and hardware technologies give Marketers and Media Professionals the ability to measure and optimize marketing performance, along with the power to keep the results aligned with your dynamic media planning.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key trends in data driven marketing and how MMM has evolved to keep pace with the changes in the consumer, marketing, technology, and data ecosystems.
  • Best practices in upgrading your marketing mix modeling approaches.
  • Building a marketing mix that will keep pace with dynamic media planning.