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Mark Garratt, Partner & Co-Founder presenting at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Attribute & Analytics Accelerator Conference on 11/19/20

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the explosion of analytics in the restaurant business. So many truisms are changing; which changes will stick? Adjusting mix models to account for dramatic shock and long recovery in the baseline has been a tricky tour de force of analytics. Understanding how media might operate differently to support changing logistics is still a work in progress. While most restaurants have faced difficulties, some have had opportunistic success. This talk takes a look at the changes in analytics accelerated by COVID-19 and the variety of responses. Key takeaways include: Recovery in the restaurant business varies by many factors — what sort of analytics do we need now? As service channels and dayparts flip — how should media adapt? COVID is a stress test both advertising and modeling — what do we know so far about what analytics work?