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Trends in the time of Covid-19: What will the before and after look like? March Webinar hosted by in4mation insights and our partner, Converseon.AI

We have been hard at work looking at some of the fundamental shifts that may be occurring in how consumers think, feel and buy in the current environment we are all facing. Beyond how consumers feel about the fashions they are interested in or the ingredients they put in their body or on their face, there is reason to believe that significant shifts are in the making regarding how brands may need:

  • to sell their products;
  • to factor in the importance of social responsibility;
  • and more broadly, to understand how people will now experience retail and share those experiences.

In other words, what will be the new normal, after we are through the current crisis? You won’t want to miss this webinar, where you will discover the power of unlocking hundreds of trend predictions for your brand and category, powered by social data, AI + predictive analytics.  You will get the perspective of leading experts in this space as they share insights and real data around ingredients that are poised for growth in this new environment – and reveal how you can find these same insights for your brand and products.

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