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in4mation insights launches Optimetry™

An “always on” SaaS tool for dynamic marketing performance optimization

Your ability to measure and optimize marketing performance should be as flexible and responsive as you are. Optimetry allows you the accessibility to keep your MMM results aligned with your dynamic media planning.

Needham, MA., September 2023 – in4mation insights LLC (i4i), a MA-based leading innovator in marketing measurement, announces the launch of Optimetry™, their “always-on” SaaS optimization tool that enables client’s accessibility to marketing mix model data for dynamic scenario planning over the life of marketing campaigns.

The Company has provided highly impactful Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) solutions to large and medium sized advertisers for over 15 years, applying robust hierarchical Bayesian analytics to the increasingly complex task of media spending and marketing performance measurement.

With the introduction of Optimetry, i4i’s client roster can now access their model data for “what if” scenario planning, and adjust their marketing spend as market conditions or stakeholder objectives change.

Mark Garratt, Partner and Co-Founder of in4mation insights, said “Marketing Mix Modeling is enjoying a renaissance as the gold standard for marketing and media measurement.  But even the best MMM solutions, and we consider ours to be amongst them, tend to be static and backward looking.  We recognized an urgent need for dynamic tools that could enable our clients and their marketing stakeholders to be in the driver seat, when it comes to simulating, optimizing, and even working backward from a growth target to achieve better business results. That is why we developed Optimetry as a SaaS based tool to facilitate better ongoing measurement and allocation of media spend.”

Optimetry is web based and sits on a client’s own MMM data results.  With a highly intuitive interface even non-technical users can run dynamic “what if . . .” queries along three scenarios:

  • Simulate: What return will a change in my media spend deliver?
  • Optimize: How can I maximize profit, given my media budget?
  • Grow: What is the optimal marketing mix if we have a specific growth target to hit?

The Company’s approach to Marketing Mix Modeling is built on a foundation of Hierarchical Bayesian analytics, considered to be the most discerning of statistical approaches to marketing measurement. It enables modelers to analyze highly complex variables and thousands of discrete data points, creating reach and frequency curves that revealing nuanced thresholds for optimal spend across all the channels of media in which clients consider investment.

i4i’s clients have been piloting early versions of Optimetry during 2023.  Because of i4i’s powerful computational infrastructure, Optimetry is unprecedentedly fast and instructive, querying the data at very granular levels, and providing contextual metrics for overall campaign ROI as well as the comparison of performance of individual channels in relation to each other.

The intuitive interface enables stakeholders across an advertiser’s organization to run dynamic scenarios, as the market factors impacting their businesses shift and change, without going back to analytical partners for deep dives.

Available to all i4i MMM clients currently, the Optimetry development roadmap projects to be source data agnostic by mid to late 2024.

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About in4mation insights 

in4mation insights, LLC is a marketing analytics company specializing in measuring the impact of media and fundamental business drivers on sales. The company’s innovative media and optimization models are driven by its deep expertise in Bayesian statistics. By engaging the company’s services, clients can confidently expect to allocate their marketing resources more effectively and grow their internal data analytics capabilities, ultimately leading to maximum, sustainable ROI, and sales growth.

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Caroline Lewis

Marketing Director, in4mation insights