Affordable media metrics delivered in half the time of traditional Marketing Mix

in4mation insights Announces the Launch of i4iFASTMIX

in4mation insights Announces the Launch of i4iFASTMIX
Affordable media metrics delivered in half the time of traditional Marketing Mix

NEEDHAM, MA – March 9, 2022 – in4mation insights (, a leading provider of Marketing Analytics solutions, announces the launch of i4iFASTMIX, a revolutionary approach to granular Media Mix Modeling (MMM) that delivers reliable metrics for media planning at a lower cost and much faster than the typical analytics vendor.

Having built a reputation for more accurate and in-depth analytics based on state-of-the-art hierarchical Bayesian market modeling, the Company’s latest innovation, i4iFASTMIX, addresses the industry’s most pressing challenge: how can companies obtain superior and actionable media analytics affordably, and at the speed required by today’s rapidly evolving digital media environment?

Mark Garratt, Partner & Co-Founder of in4mation insights
Mark Garratt Partner & Co-Founder of in4mation insights

The Company’s co-founder, Mark Garratt, commented “Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) has been the gold standard for large advertisers with longer time frames for planning, sophisticated teams of modelers, and big analytics budgets. Because of the complexity of modern media and the growth of multiple touchpoints, MMM has been a heavy lift for smaller advertisers, or any brand that still needs timely, straightforward, and unambiguous topline KPIs for optimizing media investments.

Recognizing this underserved area in media analytics, we set ourselves the task of creating a solution that leverages the superior analytics in our full marketing and media mix engagements, yet provides advertisers with a highly affordable set of key metrics that are essential for reliable media planning in a simple to understand and intuitive report, with decision-support software, delivered in weeks rather than months. The result is i4iFASTMIX.”

i4iFASTMIX is designed to support:

      • Brands with annual paid media spending starting at ~$5M
      • Organizations with limited or no prior experience with MMM but at least two years of data history
      • Companies with highly constrained discretionary budgets for media optimization & analytics
      • Dynamic, entrepreneurial decision environments where a fast, easy to understand answer is preferred versus a more complicated and granular report, which may take months to deliver results

i4iFASTMIX includes:

      • High-level KPIs for key media channels, e.g., Total Linear TV, Total CTV, Total OLV, Total Paid Social
      • Delivery of KPI results within 5 weeks from receipt of ALL data
      • Measures of their effectiveness and recommendations for better spending on consumer media channels bought and executed at the national level (Broadcast and Digital)
      • One historical comparison period (e.g., same period last year); additional comparisons upon request
      • National consumer and digital media channels and one sales channel
      • Baseline reported as aggregate
      • Trade analysis for CPG/FMCG (contribution only)
      • An easy-to-use simulation tool for “What if?” scenario analysis

i4iFASTMIX entry costs start at $50k for the baseline, with add-on options for more granular analytics as needed.

Read more about i4iFASTMIX here.

Contact us to learn how we can customize i4iFASTMIX to address your critical media planning needs:

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