Affordable media metrics delivered in half the time of traditional Marketing Mix


Media Mix Modeling (MMM) has been the gold standard for advertisers with exceptionally large media spend and analytics budgets to match, and the tolerance to wait months for deeply granular analytics for decision support. This has put it out of reach for most smaller advertisers, or any brand that still needs timely, straightforward, and unambiguous topline KPIs for optimizing topline media investments quickly. Even though our own full MMM solutions regularly beat the industry standard for turnaround time and value, we recognized this gap in the market.

Leveraging decades of experience and the unique application of hierarchical Bayesian analytics, we have created i4iFASTMIX as a solution. The gold standard for actionable media insights and KPIs, now made simple, fast, and affordable for a broader range of advertisers.

i4iFASTMIX is designed to support:

      • Brands with annual paid media spending starting at ~$5M
      • Any organization, even those with limited or no prior experience with MMM but at least two years of data history
      • Companies with highly constrained discretionary budgets for media optimization & analytics
      • Dynamic, entrepreneurial decision environments where a fast, easy to understand answer is preferred versus a more complicated and granular report, which may take months to deliver results

Please contact us today at for a detailed discussion on how we can customize i4iFASTMIX to address your most critical media planning needs!