We succeed when you succeed and grow your business

Our proudest moments are when our clients succeed. Here are examples of engagements we have recently undertaken / completed and their contributions to our clients’ business goals.

Consulting, Strategy, Analytics (US CPG company)

The transformation to an analytics organization does not happen overnight. It takes small successes followed by larger projects – and still this is often too slow to build the critical mass of analytics skills. in4mation insights can jump start this transformation by giving you dedicated resources who are still able to leverage the diversity of experience in the headquarters office. For a large CPG company, we have facilitated development of an analytics roadmap and provided the data science resources to drive organizational change. Everyday interactions between our staffs lead to insights generation, quick course correction, and an insider’s view of how to build software tools to do exactly what the business needs.

Food trend prediction using Social (Global CPG Food company)

Like many CPG food companies, this client had struggled with growth in a flat industry where the major players could not innovate as fast as smaller ones. All the machinery of market research developed in the last century felt like dead weight. On the other hand, the social listening data pouring in from all directions seemed all-consuming and connections with business decisions came almost at random. We helped to break this impasse. We proved that change-points in trends in social media could predict food sales 3-6 months into the future. Along with our Social Partner, Converseon, we are building an always-on software tool that sees through the chaos of social data to give our clients an invaluable lead on the next trend.

Sensory Predictive Analytics (Global CPG Company)

The R&D team of a leading global CPG firm believed that there had to be a way that the data already collected in expensive product tests could be repurposed to provide guidance for new decisions, and to help them conserve budget for internal innovation. We developed a superior approach and produced a custom tool that provides a validated first estimate of in-market new product performance. Over the last five years, the tool has spread around the world and has been extended to many different categories as it becomes deeply embedded into their new product process.

Pricing (Global CPG company)

A global toy company needed to understand how to leverage pricing in an industry with high product turnover and a vulnerability to video games. in4mation insights estimated a model of over 20,000 retailer-toy combinations using Hierarchical Bayes modeling techniques. The company identified an immediate target of $50MM in savings through smarter pricing. In spite of problems elsewhere in the company, the analytics team has grown rapidly – and are able to translate in4mation insights’ pricing recommendations for any toy in the portfolio.

Consulting & Media ROI (Broadcast television company)

A major US Broadcast network wanted to leverage the vast amount of TV ratings data that they generate and link it to sales. The aim was to develop a comprehensive new measurement platform which would leverage sophisticated modeling techniques and provide insights for advertisers in the evaluation of their media spend. in4mation insights was sought out to provide strategy, consulting and advanced analytical modeling to help provide quantitative decision support, both internally for key functional teams and externally with advertisers.

Innovative Market Structure (Global Food CPG company)

A leading marketer in the yogurt category wanted to use their leverage to optimize shelf layouts after the disruptive introduction of Greek yogurt. in4mation insights developed a truly innovative method, which used a survey-based choice model to identify the emerging motives in consumption occasions, and then link that to historical household panel data for validation. This was the first real innovation in the Market Structure research arena in many years. A new planogram was developed based on consumer motivations, which reflected a completely new way of shopping the category. When the new planogram was tested at Walmart, the client saw a sustained sales increase of 12%.

Media Mix with Consumer Mindset (Global Beverage company)

Our client in the beer business used several methods to track their business and had a formalized global program of brand health tracking for awarding bonuses and sales incentives. They wanted to understand the interactions of media, mindset/funnel metrics and sales so that they could allocate media, improve messaging, increase volume, and build brand engagement for several brands. We combined many sources of data and applied our sophisticated media model, which captured both the direct effect of media on sales as well as the indirect effect of media on sales through mindset metrics. We also measured both the short-term and long-term effects of media spend and changes in brand health metrics on sales.

The analysis provided fresh insights beyond ordinary tracking and traditional marketing mix. For instance, we found that the funnel metric used as the main criterion for incentives drove sales only in undeveloped markets, not in its core markets. It also showed that the personality of its Mexican beer brand was different, and driven by different media in Texas versus California. Using this last insight, the client reallocated $20MM of their media budget to the Mexican beer brand (even after media budgets had been locked!) and modified their messaging content to help drive incremental revenue.

Trade Promotion profitability analytics (Global CPG Food company)

A global consumer products company wanted to change the way that trade promotion was measured in their business. In many ways, trade had become a cost of doing business. It was necessary to hold shelf space and to ward off competition. But too many promotions had eroded the price-value of their brands and had reduced the expected lifts. The client partnered with us to obtain both the detailed volumetrics and cost data so that both retailer and client profitability of promotions could be derived. Advanced modeling was used to capture internal sources of promoted volume such as cannibalization and stockpiling, as well as external sources such as competition and category expansion. The pilot was successful at identifying which promotions were profitable and their main drivers. The program was expanded globally and became their worldwide standard for promotion optimization.

Automated analytics engine (Global CPG Food company)

A global consumer products company wanted to embed an analytics engine into its enterprise order system so that chain account managers could estimate lifts due to planned promotions in real time. Data were needed to be available for about 3,000 SKUs at 1% discount increments for any quality support condition and in multiple seasons. We built a set of servers, installed on the client’s site, which specialized in rapid lookup of the requested lift projections. Using our Lift Generator®, response time for retrieval of detailed projected lifts from any promotion for over 200 SKUs in the typical trade plan was less than 1 second.

Media Optimization Web Tool (Pharma vertical)

in4mation insights is partnering with a large aggregator of US patient prescription data and has developed a front-end media optimization tool for their clients. This simple and visually appealing web tool optimizes patient conversions based upon the total budget (dollars and GRPs) for TV, print, digital, and/or other media. Typical questions that are addressed within the tool are: Can the current budget be the same but better allocated across all media types, what happens if spending is increased and what happens if spending is decreased?